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On this page we will offer technical guidance for using our website, and also suggest our preferred software.


In order to view the videos you will need to install the latest DivX Codecs. It is likely that you already have these installed, but if your videos are not playing correctly or you only hear sound, please install the latest Codecs from:

Our recommended video player is the VLC Media Player. This is a very versatile player that will play virtually any video format. It will work on a PC or a Mac, is very small to install and is also free! Download it from:


Our website should work in any browser that you use, but we recommend the following browsers for their speed and ease of use. They are all free to download:
Firefox (by Mozilla)
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Safari (by Apple)

If you ever experience a problem with the website, it can often be a good to try loading it using another browser to ensure your current browser is not causing the fault.


Since our photos are large, your browser may automatically resize the photo to fit on your screen. If you wish to see it at full size, try clicking on it!

Our websites provide a 'hands-free' slideshow for viewing the photosets, but if you wish to view them as a slideshow once you have downloaded them, we would recommend Picasa which you can download for free from:


We do not recommend the use of Download Manager software as it can often cause password problems. The built-in Download Manager in the Firefox browser will work without problems however, and will allow multiple downloads and the ability to pause and resume a large download.

All of our photosets are available to download in Zip format, allowing you to download every single photo in a single file. To open a zip file we recommend either WinZip (which is free but has a nagging prompt) or 7-Zip which is totally free:
WinZip (free to use but prompts to buy full version)
7-Zip (free)